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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn a bit more about the process or want to support us? Read some FAQ responses below!

  • Are the digital books free?
    Yes! All digital book resources are free for use. If you are interested in purchasing hard copies of the books you can contact us to submit a request!
  • How were the books illustrated?
    All the books offered were illustrated digitally using the iOS app ProCreate. If you're interested in learning more about ProCreate, please reach out!
  • Can I join the team?
    Yes! We are always eager to invite new members. Just fill out a short application! Navigate to the menu bar Click on the "Join" button Browse the position offerings and choose one that fits you best Submit an application!
  • Can I support your organization?
    Yes! We are always open to donations. These donations often go to partnered organizations that are affiliated with our books! If you want to donate, please scroll to the bottom of the web page and nagivate to the "Donate" button!
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