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Join the ABCs of Our World Team to help provide accessible, engaging children's books to young readers!

Open Positions


The ABCs of Our World is always looking to expand our global reach! We are committed to providing accessible reading materials to young readers all across the world! If you are fluent in another language that we do not offer yet, please apply! We would love to have you on our team.

Artistic Advisor

One of the most important aspects of the children's book creation process is, of course, the illustrations! If you are an artist or graphic designer, we would love to have you on our team to brainstorm illustration ideas and expand our visual resources. Please apply if any of the criteria above match your skills!


Researchers work closely with the writing team to learn more about relevant topics and gain as much knowledge about them. It is crucial that our stories are both engaging and accurate. Researchers also help to transform complex information or ideas into reading material that is appropriate for young students.

Media Advisor

Media advisors oversee the social media activity. The ABCs of Our World has an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube account. Media advisors will continue posting on the platforms and even expanding to new ones such as TikTok. Media advisors should be familiar with our target audience and acquire good marketing skills.

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